Having strong backgrounds in business and investment, having grown and sold business themselves, Ashley Cooper and Philip Roberts decided to merge their experience and business knowledge forming Catalyst Growth Partners, a company that would allow them to invest in, coach and help great people – and to help great companies become greater.

Our goals are the creation of 20 millionaires (12 still to go) an additional 500 jobs and £50m returned to the Welsh and UK economy.

More than Money

Smart capital is very much more than money. Alongside the funds to enable growth, we bring expertise and experience – the aim being to help you achieve your vision faster and with fewer ‘bumps’ in the road. We’ve ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. We’ve learnt from the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Structure, Focus and Accountability

Running a growing business isn’t easy with demands from staff, customers, suppliers and, dare we say it, investors! One benefit of having the support of Catalyst Growth Partners in your business is sharing the burden of priority setting and decision making. Having someone with experience to discuss opportunities and issues with who isn’t also up to their neck in muck and bullets makes a tremendous difference. It is all too easy to lose perspective having a sounding board helps.