Tick, cross or question mark?

Here is a quick exercise that should only take 60 seconds, is applicable to every business with staff and can make a real difference to your chances of success...

1. Write down the names of your direct reports

2. Using a tick, cross or question mark answer - without hesitation - this question:

In the last 6 months has [Name] performed at or above expectations?

3. Fold the paper up and put it somewhere safe.


Put a reminder in your calendar for the first Monday of each month to take out the paper and mark alongside the last entry your response to:

In the past 30 days has [Name] performed at or above expectations?

Very quickly you will see patterns emerging.

People who fall below expectations (unless there is an isolated and understandable blip) WILL kill your business It may take a while but Owners and Managers that tolerate people who are either unwilling or unable to serve the business reliably and consistently will destroy value, cause customers to leave, and drive your best people away!

If the fit is wrong then, with care and compassion, find out why and deal with it!