For 10 months, you'll take part in group sessions with other Owner Managers in what we call a 'Business Boot Camp'.

It's hard work, fun, challenging and not for the faint-hearted, but most definitely rewarding.

Stage One: Request a place on one of the four 'taster' sessions. During your application, we will jointly schedule an 'Is It Right For You?' diagnosis (which can be cancelled if you don't wish to carry on after the taster session).

Stage Two: At the taster session, you will thoroughly audit your business model - preparing an outline business canvas that captures the few, vital things that have made your business competitive and successful in the market place to date.   The business canvas is a necessary jumping off point for the next stage of the plan – the 'Is It Right For You?' discussion that reviews whether the programme would help you and your business become more successful. Limited in the number of participants, the taster session is a worked example of one of the key elements of the programme.

Stage Three: At the'Is It Right For You?' discussion, we jointly review your business canvas and will test you for commitment, openness and more, while capturing core data about the business (turnover, profit, number of staff etc.) and determining what a reasonable but reachable goal would be for the business were you to join the programme. This is an example of another key element of the programme - the 1-2-1.

Stage Four: If accepted on to the programme, you'll begin a 10 month period of confidential monthly group meetings, split into 2 types; subject matter experts in core competencies for growth where 2 members of the business will be present, and workshops focused on owners-only accountability, progress and problem-solving to ensure that progress is being made on your key initiatives. Alongside these group sessions, you'll get monthly one-to-one meetings with the CGP Partners to manage your progress and 'dig deep' into any upcoming barriers and obstacles in the way of further progress.

Stage Five: Nearing the end of any programme, we launch into the long term accountability, progress and reporting mechanisms, so we can recap and appraise the growth you've made since the beginning and discuss what might be improved for the future to maintain your success.



Session 01

We begin with introductions and presentations of your business canvas to the other businesses present. You'll make a statement of your goals and roadmap to the whole group, and state a public commitment to the programme and its 'ground rules'. You'll also take part in some team-building/'get to know you' activities with the other business owners.

Session 02 - 08

These sessions are the 'meat' of the programme, and will include morning speaker workshops where 2 members of each business must be present. The topic sequence is still yet to be determined but will include;

  • People (managing the performance of 'stars' and 'vampires' and the issue of recruiting)
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Sales Force Management
  • Strategy Deployment and Communication
  • Value Proposition and Marketing
  • Leadership

Session 09

In a 2 day off-site facilitated business retreat for business owners only, we'll look at what's next, where you're going, how you'll get there and why you're on the journey.

Session 10

In your final stages of the Catalyst Growth Programme, a 3 year growth strategy and roadmap will be created to give you confidence and a clear direction for your next stage of business growth. We'll finish off your partnership with the programme in a Graduation, where your successes will be recognised and rewarded.




As a finite programme that can only serve a certain number of members, our Catalyst Growth Programme works with the best Owner Managers with great potential.

Our programme is typically suited for:

  • Owners or major shareholders in business or sons/daughters taking over the family business
  • Owner Managers of businesses with 10 to 35 staff
  • Owner Managers with a (small) management team or a competent 'number two'
  • Business owners that have been trading for a while
  • Those who know that the business could be performing better but needs the ‘nudge’ to get started
  • Those with a growing business and want to avoid mistakes/grow faster/learn from the best
  • Business owners without people to confide in/bounce ideas off
  • Businesses that are profitable (profits of up to £80k per annum)
  • Business owners prepared to invest the time (10% of their time with 8 mornings of one of their Management team spent on the programme)
  • Business owners with a track record of personal development and continual learning