Growing your business intelligently in a way that will sustain it seems like an overwhelming task from the outside, but we use simple tools and approaches that we know work.

Through dedicated workshops with shareholders and business leaders, your overall business strategy - including your goals and plans to reach them - will be discussed, reviewed and improved.

You'll be encouraged to mend any problems you currently have, with a view to jumping over any possible future hurdles. As experienced industry leaders, we can foresee what's ahead of you from our own experiences, and these workshops will give you the strategy to facilitate your growth.

You need a clear and direct plan to reach your targets, with reasonable belief that you can achieve them. We'll define these with you and give you the courage to go out and do it, knowing that you have decades of experience and knowledge supporting you.

I can confidently say that the value contribution Catalyst Growth Partners delivers, for the companies they invest in, is worth considerably more than the cash they invest.
— Mark Hindmarsh Director at Smart Anchor Ventures