Ashley Cooper is passionate about youth entrepreneurship, innovative ideas in business, and great, investable people and products.

Having served as a board member/organiser for Venturefest WalesBig Ideas Wales, and MITREAP, a program from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that implements a more robust innovation-based entrepreneurial ecosystem across the world, increasing innovation-driven entrepreneurship is something Ashley is passionate about and speaks about publicly at events.

Ashley started his first company – TES Aviation Group – in 1995, before growing it into a £100 million pound business with a global team. He now serves as a Non-Executive Director for the business and several others, and is keen to share his journey with young entrepreneurs and business owners starting on the path ahead of them.


Philip Roberts is an expert in the 'tools of the trade' needed for intelligent business growth.

Having been a Managing Director of MCI Logistics for 20 years, whilst serving as a Non-Executive Director/Chairman for leading pharmaceutical and technology companies like TrakCel and Biotec, Phil is a key leader in business growth and management.

Business owners with the determination to succeed, but who lack the tools or knowledge to do so, are Phil's bread and butter. Businesses who deserve to succeed but are unable to reach their potential need guidance and a supply of knowledge they can tap into.

If you own a business that holds between 5-50 employees and operates on a wider scale, Phil's 'inform and educate' approach with practical and no-nonsense tools is right for you. Through his talks, Phil can help you define your targets, your plan of action, and the collateral you'll need to get there.

My business and my vision would be completely different if I hadn’t engaged with Ashley.
— Georgina Jones Founder of Turn Lights On