Seeking Investment to Scale-Up your business?

If you want to Scale-Up a business in South Wales and are seeking advice, guidance and/or investment we would be delighted to hear from you. In preparation for any meeting we will probably ask you to supply us with some background information (but touch base with us first before you send any info) 

Business Model Canvas

We regard a business model canvas as essential for every business whether or not they are seeking investment. A business model canvas presents on a single page exactly how your business works, the sources of revenue, costs, how you reach your customers, what your value proposition is etc. 

Business Timeline

A timeline for your business so far showing all the significant successes, achievements, events, milestones etc. and any disappointments/setbacks that may have occurred.

Your 'Pitch Deck'

Typical Pitch Decks use about  10 slides to cover:

  • Overall messaging:
    • The problem. What problem are your customers struggling with?
    • The solution. How does your product or service solve that problem
  • And demonstrate:
    • Market Size/Opportunity. How many people are struggling with this problem and looking for a solution? How many customers exist for your product or service
    • Your Business Model. How do you plan to make money? The business model canvas might help clarify this.
    • Proprietary Tech or Expertise. What do you bring to the table? What can only you deliver to your customers?
    • Competitive Landscape. Who else is solving this problem for your customers? Who are your main competitors, and how are their businesses performing?
    • Your Competitive Advantage. Why are you better than the competition? What sets you apart? Why are you a step above the rest, and how are you going to prove that to your customers?
    • Your Team. Who are they and what do they bring to the table? For scale-up businesses we are looking to identify who is responsible for sales, who for operations and who for finance (sell it, make it, count it).
    • Your Go-to-market Strategy. What are the milestones and timeline to make your vision a reality.
    • The Financials. How much is all this going to cost? What do you already have secured? How much is it going to make?
    • The Investment “Ask.” And how much do you want us and/or other investors to contribute?

The Pitch Deck is what you might talk us through should we meet. It is likely to form part of the background to a presentation and not a full application for funds! Please stick to the highlights and and use bullet points rather than paragraphs!

The Four Ps 

New entrants to our Portfolio will need to be able to demonstrate the following:

  • People A founding team - driven, motivated, knowledgeable in their sector; hard-working, humble and prepared to listen and learn; can take the inevitable knocks and setbacks; continually strives and has a clear passion to be successful.

  • Product - A product that differentiates itself in the market. It isn’t necessarily totally unique but differentiates by virtue of what it does or how it does it relative to the competition.

  • Potential - Has the ability to scale at an increasing rate based on the use of technology or other enablers that will drive accelerated growth.

  • Participation - A business where the CGP founders can add genuine value to the business from either a sector or a growth journey perspective and where we will enjoy being involved… After all business is also about having fun doing what you are doing.

Choose your Investors wisely!

When seeking investment be very, very careful. It is significantly harder to get rid of an investor than it is to rid yourself of your spouse. A near perfect ‘fit’ in values, expectations, commitment and goals is essential for an investment partnership to succeed.

Start-up Businesses

If you are seeking investment for a start-up business then unfortunately we don't have any capacity in the portfolio at the moment for businesses at this stage. Thankfully there are many other sources of guidance and finance available for start-up businesses in Wales. Many of the banks have started up dedicated facilities to support new businesses while they flesh out their ideas, develop their business plans and become 'investment ready'. Some of these incubators include an element of finance. The Development Bank for Wales provides micro-loans and has a dedicated start-up fund. There are also a number of Angel Networks in Wales that may provide investment and advice when your business is ready.